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How to open a business and company in Kuwait

Opening a business or shop in Kuwait is a great struggle but, in this article, we will guide you completely on how you can open a business in Kuwait.

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Step 1-

To open a business in Kuwait you, require a Kuwaiti national. We can help you find the ideal Kuwaiti for your business needs. Note- He Will NOT Take any Profit Percentage, but he will take a fixed charge of STARTING FROM 150 KD per month. The Kuwaiti person will not be concern about your business financial position neither he will be included in it.

Step 2
The Second step to open your business in Kuwait is to choose a location and rent the given shop or office. You must have a rented location where u will be operating the business. This given document is known as Aqaad Ejaar (Rent agreement of the location). The rental agreement can be made on only Kuwaiti name.

Step 3-
After the rent agreement is done, your company registration process will start. The first license is your company license which is known as RUKSA TIJARA.

Step 4-
After the company License You will require, RUKSA ALAAN which is called license of board. Basically, it’s a license for board which you display outside of your shop.

Step 5-
The next legal document which will be made is ITEMAAD TUQIYA (Signature paper). This paper consists of a signature of your Kuwaiti. It is used to verify that your Kuwaiti himself is signing all the legal documents of your company.

Step 6-
One of the most important papers will be established in this step which is called AQAAD TAHSEES (Article of Association paper). This paper will give you a percentage of 49% in your company and Kuwaiti will get 51%. Kindly Note: You can’t have more than 49% share in the company as its legally restricted. The Kuwaiti will not take any share in profit, he will only take his monthly charges.

Step 7-
The last paper to complete your company will be made in this step. The paper is known as SHADA MUSTAKHRAJJ (Partnership paper). This paper will be a digital version of Your Partnership Deed.

The 5 Legal document which you will get are given below:

1- RUKSA TIJARA (Company License).

2- RUKSA ALAN (Board License).

3- ITEMAAD TUQIYA (Signature verification document).

4- AQAAD TAHSEES (Partnership Deed).

5- SHADA MUSTAKHRAAJ (Partnership Paper).


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