How to open a Business in Kuwait

Opening a business or Company in Kuwait is a great struggle but, in this article, we will guide you completely on how you can open a business in Kuwait.

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Step 1

To open a business in Kuwait you, require a local Kuwaiti. We can help you find the ideal Kuwaiti for your business needs. Note- He Will NOT Take any Profit Percentage, but he will take a fixed charge STARTING FROM 150 KD per month. The Kuwaiti person will not be concern about your business financial position neither he will be included in it.

Step 2

The Second step to open your business in Kuwait is to choose a location and rent the given shop or office. You must have a rented location where you will be operating the business. This given document is known as Aqaad Ejaar (Rent agreement of the location). The rental agreement can be made on only Kuwaiti name.

Below is the image of Aqaad Ejaar.

Step 3

After the rent agreement is done, your company registration process will start. The first Document is your company license which is known as RUKSA TIJARA. You will see this ruksa out of every shop and office as this is the most important legal document of the company.

Below is the image of the Ruksa Tijara.

Step 4

After the company License You will require, RUKSA ALAAN which is called license of board. Basically, it’s a license for board which you display outside of your shop.

Below is the image of an Ruksaa Alan.

Step 5

The next legal document which will be made is ITEMAAD TUQIYA (Signature paper). This paper consists of a signature of your Kuwaiti. It is used to verify that your Kuwaiti himself is signing all the legal documents of your company.

Below is the image of a Itemaad Tuqiaya.

Step 6

One of the most important papers will be established in this step which is called AQAAD TAHSEES (Article of Association paper). This paper will give you a percentage of 49% in your company and Kuwaiti will get 51%. Kindly Note: You can’t have more than 49% share in the company as its legally restricted. The Kuwaiti will not take any share in profit, he will only take his monthly charges.

Below is the image of a Aqaad Tahsees.

Step 7

The last paper to complete your company will be made in this step. The paper is known as SHADA MUSTAKHRAJJ (Partnership paper). This paper will be a digital version of Your Partnership Deed.

Below is the image Shada Mustakhrajj.

Setup Fees

The government and setup fees for all this document will be around 500 KD (Approx.).

The 5 Legal document which you will get are given below:

1- RUKSA TIJARA (Company License).

2- RUKSA ALAN (Board License).

3- ITEMAAD TUQIYA (Signature verification document).

4- AQAAD TAHSEES (Partnership Deed).

5- SHADA MUSTAKHRAAJ (Partnership Paper).

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